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September 18, 2007

Java Personal Profile On The N800

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Here are some screenshots showing my port of SUN’s implementation of Java Personal Profile running the Demo application on my Nokia N800.

Java Personal Profile On The Nokia N800: One

The Layout demo, not necessarily working correctly.

Java Personal Profile On The Nokia N800: Graphics

The Graphics demo, image support is broken

Java Personal Profile On The Nokia N800: Widgets

The Widgets demo

The version shown in the screen shots uses SUN’s original GTK based version of AWT. Unfortunately this is based on a pretty old version of GTK and relies on things that have been deprecated or just plain removed. To get it to work at all I had to comment out quite a bit of code. As such it is not really a good basis going forward so I have now started on a new version of AWT using GTK, Pango and Cairo.
This is very much a work in progress and I have not tried running it on hardware, but here is a screenshot of the same Graphics demo as above, but this time on the ’emulator’ and using Cairo to do the rendering but with no image support.

Graphics Demo On Emulator Using Cairo


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