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August 1, 2009

What’s New In MIDP 3.0 ? Part 46: CDC Support

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MIDP 3.0 can be implemented on CDC 1.1 ( JSR 218) as well as on CLDC 1.1.1.

A MIDlet may use CDC classes.

CDC provides some functionality at the configuration level which is not available in CLDC.

For example

  • file support in the java.io package provides

  • UDP support in the java.net package

  • message digest support in the java.security package

  • localization support in the java.text package

  • collection support in the java.text package

However, much of the CDC functionality is available either in MIDP itself or in associated JSRs, file access in JSR 75, localization in JSR 238, for example, so there is not necessarily much advantage in making a MIDlet explicitly dependent upon CDC, and the obvious disadvantage is that the MIDlet is limited to running on those devices which implement MIDP 3.0 on CDC.

Some of the more generic functionality in CDC such as collections or object serialization could be useful, but it is now possible for this kind of functionality to be implemented and packaged as LIBlets so that it can be re-used, rather than relying on a particular configuration.

If a MIDlet Suite does contain a MIDlet dependent upon CDC then it must specify a value of


for the




  • Although CDC does contain the javax.microedition.io package, its version of the package does not currently contain the permission classes defined in the CLDC 1.1.1 version, so it is not clear whether you can actually request those permissions if the MIDlet Suite is targeted at CDC 1.1

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