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September 19, 2014

The Arcane World Of Xcode 6.0 Downloadable DocSets: Part One — The com.apple.dt.Xcode Package

Assuming you have Xcode 6.0 installed, then if you look in the directory


you will find the package


If you look inside the package you will find the directory


and in that directory you should find two files each with the suffix


Running the file command on either of them will produce the result

    Apple binary property list

You can print the contents of each file using the command

    plutil -p <file>

One file identifies downloadable binaries such as the various iOS Simulators and the other identifies downloadable documentation sets.

It is these files that are used to populate the Components and Documentation sections in the Downloads tab of the Xcode Preferences panel.

This is an example of an entry in the latter file

    33 => {
      "source" => ...
      "dependencies" => [
      "identifier" => "com.apple.adc.documentation.AppleiOS8.0.iOSLibrary"
      "version" => "52.8"
      "fileSize" => 342039461
      "name" => "iOS 8 library"
      "userInfo" => {
        "InstallPrefix" => "$(HOME)/Library/Developer/Shared/Documentation/DocSets"
        "RequiresADCAuthentication" => 1
        "ActivationPredicate" => "$XCODE_VERSION >= '6.0'"
        "IconType" => "IDEDownloadablesTypeDocSet"
        "Category" => "Documentation"
        "InstalledIfAllReceiptsArePresentOrNewer" => {
          "com.apple.pkg.7.0.iOSDocset" => ""
        "Summary" => "My description of content"

It specifies the iOS 8.0 documentation available for download with Xcode 6.0.1.

The entry specifies

  • where the documentation can be downloaded from, the "source"field,

  • where it should be installed, the "InstallPrefix" field and

  • the criteria for deciding whether the documentation is installed, the "InstalledIfAllReceiptsArePresentOrNewer" field.

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