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I am a one time commercial Lisp programmer, yes i was paid to write Lisp and LOOPS, and on the Xerox 1108 and 1186 at that. I am the proud owner of a NeXT ‘slab’, which was like an iPhone except a lot bigger, not as portable, and incapable of making phone calls, which means I was writing Objective-C almost twenty years ago, ‘tho nobody believes that these days. I even have a BeBox, but we won’t talk about that.

I’ve implemented network managers for STC using Lisp and Isis, you’ll need to search for that one I suspect, which were used by BT in the City of London after the ‘big bang’, all sorts of parsers and compilers and network protocols and anything else which involves misunderstandings over byte order, a Java VM a long time before it was really fashionable, and a large chunk of the company formerly known as Symbian’s MIDP 2 stack, so if you’re MIDlet won’t install that’s probably down to me, as well as assorted JSRs, including the dreaded 177.

Recently, amongst other things, I have written a cross-platform implementation of MIDP3 which is why I have been poring over the entrails of the spec.

You can contact me at simonjameslewis AT gmail DOT com


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