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September 25, 2014

Building The Android Runtime (ART) For Mac OS X: Part One — Prerequisites

Mac OS X

I am using Mac OS X 10.9.5.

I am not sure whether the exact version of the OS matters.

Xcode And Xcode Command Line Tools

To build am using Xcode 5.1 plus the corresponding command line tools.


To build I am using JDK 7. The version reported by java -version is


It has to be JDK 7.

A Case Sensitive File System

You will need a case-sensitive file system which probably isn’t what you have by default, so you will need an external drive, a USB stick or possibly a .dmg that has been formatted appropriately.

I have successfully used an external drive and a USB stick, both formatted as

    Mac OS Extended(Case-sensitive, Journaled)

I haven’t tried the .dmg approach.

Some Android Source

I am using the the following specific subset of the Android ‘source’ all obtained within the last couple of days courtesy
of repo sync.

  • abi

  • art

  • bionic

  • build

  • dalvik

  • external/bouncycastle

  • external/conscrypt

  • external/expat

  • external/fdlibm

  • external/gtest

  • external/icu

  • external/junit

  • external/libcxx

  • external/libcxxabi

  • external/libphonenumber

  • external/llvm

  • external/okhttp

  • external/openssl

  • external/stlport

  • external/valgrind

  • external/vixl

  • external/zlib

  • frameworks/base

  • frameworks/compile/mclinker

  • frameworks/native

  • libcore

  • libnativehelper

  • prebuilts/clang/darwin-x86/host/3.5

  • prebuilts/misc

  • prebuilts/sdk

  • system/core

I think this is the absolute minimum subset you need to build with.

I assume it would also work if you simply have the entire source tree but I haven’t tried it.

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