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August 28, 2014

Anatomy Of A PDF Continued: #4 — Part One: Now What ?

My collection of a single PDF continues to grow apace whether I want it to or not.

I got three ‘invoices’ in one go the other day but they were ZIPs and ZIPs usually means .exes and so it proved.

Then today a PDF arrived which not only supposedly originated in a completely different continent to the other three, but is four times as big as the others. That has got to be good hasn’t it ?

It turned out to be a bit of disappointment taken as PDF because technically it isn’t one. I know I got it for nothing and everything but honestly it comes to something when people can’t even be bothered to get the format right.

Still whats the point of writing a whacking great chunk of Objective-C to read well-formed PDFs if you can’t hack lumps out of it until it can read things that are not well-formed PDFs ? After some judicious hard-wiring of this and that I managed to extract Object 1 once again and inflate it twice as per usual.

And ?

And the XML is exactly the same as all the others ?

Yes and no. The overall structure is pretty much the same but the data for the first two images isn’t.

It does not look like Base64 encoded data and Base64 decoding it definitely does not produce Javascript.

A quick look for the Base64 alphabet construction kit reveals that it has gone walk about, but both images are referenced in the Javascript so the supposition has got to be that it is still really Javascript but its not Base64 encoded. Its a bit of a disappointment but you have got to move with the times I suppose. Base64 encoding was so last week.

Time to find out what this weeks fashionable Javascript encoding technology is i suppose.

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