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August 25, 2014

Anatomy Of A PDF: Part Eight — The Denouement

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Given that this thing is in the wild and putting aside the possibility that it is a piece of very elaborate performance art then it must be targeting an actual vulnerability.

Its pretty obvious what the program is and what the platform is, so typing those along with terms like PDF, XFA, and BMP in some combination into your search engine of choice turns up all sorts of stuff but it looks like CVE-2013-2729 is the vulnerability in question.

See here and here for the gory details of how it actually exploits the heap corruption and what happens once it has done so.

The heap implementation targeted is the Low Fragmentation Heap (LFH). See the paper “Understanding the Low Fragmentation Heap” by Chris Valasek for a detailed description of how it works and how to do unpleasant things to it. Be aware that this is a PDF which in the circumstances … ! You can find it here.

For details of how synthesized x86 machine code can be made to run when it shouldn’t be see here. Warning, may contain assembler

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