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May 24, 2012

Adventures In Distributed Garbage Collection: Part Thirteen – Post Unbind Service Client State

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1.0 Object State

Once the client has unbound from the Fastnet Service then on the basis of the source code we would expect that in the Service client process

2.0 Java Heap State

This graph was generated from a Java heap dump of the Service client process taken after the client Activity has unbound from the Fastnet Service by calling the unbindService() method.

Like its counterpart here it was generated using the LoadedApk object [0x40513e90] as the root. As before greyed out nodes have been filtered, that is, one or more instance variables have been omitted for clarity.

The graph shows that as expected the LoadedApk object does not reference the ServiceDispatcher object [0x405213b8]

In addition the following objects no longer appear in the graph

  • the ServiceDispatcher object [0x405213b8]

  • the ConnectionInfo object [0x40521b40]

  • the InnerConection object [0x405216b8]

  • the FastnetServiceConnection object [0x405211f0]

This on its own does not prove conclusively that these objects are no longer in the Java heap, just that they are not reachable via the LoadedApk any more.

However, after loading the Java heap dump into MAT none of the objects can be found either which should mean that they have been garbage collected.

Inspecting the contents of the Java heap dump file directly confirms this.

Copyright (c) 2012 By Simon Lewis. All Rights Reserved.


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