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December 16, 2009

What’s New In MIDP 3.0: Redux – LCDUI – Fonts

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Original Post

Changes Since Proposed Final Draft


Links fixed to point at the right versions of the static getFont method, i.e.,



Scope of the Font created is now limited to the MIDlet that created it.

Implementations MUST insure that the availability and use of fonts created using createFont method is limited to the execution environment of a [sic] MIDlet that instantiated the font.

Changed from MIDlet Suite.

Font.getFont(String,int,int), Font.getFont(int,int,int) AndFont.deriveFont(int,int)

Documentation for all three methods has been updated to explicitly specify that the constant STYLE_UNDERLINED is supported in their respective style arguments.

The specification of the static method Font.getStyle(String) however, has not been updated to match. Possibly it does not need to be. Who knows ?


Font now has a hashCode, which of course it should since it over-rides the equals method.

Unfortunately how the hash code should be computed is apparently a secret, since all the specification says is

the hashcode is computed from the font face name, style, pixelSize, ascent and descent


None apart from the secret hash code algorithm and that only affects implementors.

Copyright (c) 2009 By Simon Lewis. All Rights Reserved.


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