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October 29, 2009

An Extended NewAnnotation Wizard For Eclipse

Something you cannot currently do with any of the Eclipse Java type creation wizards is add annotations. This is not a particularly big deal, you can always add them later using the editor, unless you happen to be defining a lot of new annotations which are themselves annotated with one or more of the built-in meta-annotations

in which case it would be quite handy to be able to tick some boxes in the wizard and have them appear auto-magically

Here’s the wizard as implemented by Eclipse


Anyway, because I have been defining quite a few new annotations and was getting quite bored with adding the meta-annotations by hand I thought I would have a go at customizing the default wizard and adding the features I wanted.

It turned out to be a bit more involved than I had expected, but it can be done, and here it is.


Not the world’s greatest UI design for sure, but it does the job.

Copyright (c) 2009 By Simon Lewis. All Rights Reserved


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