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July 23, 2009

What’s New In MIDP 3.0 ? Part 36: IdleScreen MIDlets

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The IdleScreen MIDlet Model

  • An Idlescreen MIDlet is any MIDlet which has been declared with a type of idlescreen at installation time.

  • A user may choose to add an Idlescreen MIDlet to the idle screen of a Display.

    • If the chosen MIDlet is not running when added then it will be started automatically.

  • An Idlescreen MIDlet can access the idle screen of a Display using an IdleItem.

  • An Idlescreen MIDlet which has been added to the idle screen of a Display but which does not access it using an IdleItem may be removed from the idle screen and terminated

  • A MIDlet which is not declared to be an Idlescreen MIDlet cannot access the idle screen of any of its Displays


  1. Should it have access to the idle screens of multiple Displays it is not clear how an Idlescreen MIDlet is supposed to determine which of them,
    if any, it is supposed to be responsible for displaying on.

  2. The javax.microedition.lcdui documentation says

    If a MIDlet that has not announced itself as an idle screen MIDlet with the JAD or JAR Manifest attribute
    tries to add content to the idle screen, the system MUST ignore this request.

    Presumably this means that any calls to Display.setIdleItem(IdleItem) will simply have no effect.

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