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June 19, 2009

What’s New In MIDP 3.0 ? Part 17: Preventing Users From Starting And Stopping MIDlets

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A user can be prevented from starting and/or stopping a given MIDlet.

This can be done by using a


attribute corresponding to the


attribute used to declare the MIDlet itself.

It is an error if a MIDlet-<n>-UserDenied attribute is specified without a corresponding MIDlet-<n> attribute and installation will fail.

The value of the attribute must be a comma separated list of actions, where an action is one of

  • run
  • stop

If the run action is specified then a user will not be able to start the MIDlet using the device’s application launcher.

If the stop action is specified and a device supports application management level functionality for stopping applications then the user will not be able to use that functionality to stop the MIDlet. It does not affect the user’s ability to stop the MIDlet using functionality provided by the MIDlet itself via the UI, if any.

To specify a MIDlet-<n>-UserDenied attribute or attributes a MIDlet Suite must have been granted the ActionsDeniedPermission.

The specified MIDP 3 security policy does not make it possible for MIDlet Suites bound to either the Identified Third Party or the Unidentifed Third Party protection domains to be granted the ActionsDeniedPermission under any circumstances.


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