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June 11, 2009

What’s New In MIDP 3.0 ? Part 7: CLDC 1.1.1

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1. Overview

MIDP 3.0 requires CLDC 1.1.1 because of its support for fine-grained permissions.

Below is a brief summary of the differences between CLDC versions 1.1 and 1.1.1 that are
of interest in the context of MIDP 3.0.

1.1 java.lang

The following classes have been added to the java.lang package

  • RuntimePermission

1.2 java.security

The following classes have been defined in the java.security package.

  • AccessControlException
  • AccessController
  • BasicPermission
  • Permission
  • PermissionCollection

These classes are cut-down versions of the those defined in JSE.

1.3 java.util

The following classes have been added in the java.util package.

  • PropertyPermission
  • Timer
  • TimerTask


The classes Timer and TimerTask were defined in MIDP 1.0. They have been removed from MIDP 3.0.

1.4 javax.microedition.io

The following classes have been added to the javax.microedition.io package.

  • CommProtocolPermission
  • DatagramProtocolPermission
  • FileProtocolPermission
  • GCFPermission
  • HttpProtocolPermission
  • HttpsProtocolPermission
  • SocketProtocolPermission
  • SSLProtocolPermission

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